October 15, 2015

Up-and-comer fashion blogger and plus size model Roxy Reyes has been able to keep the momentum of her blogging and modeling career going and if you know anything about the blogging community you know just how hard that is. To stand out in a industry that’s extremely saturated Roxy has found her formula to keep her followers engaged and wanting more.  We had the chance to sit down with the insta beauty and fashion blogger/Vlogger durring her stay in Detroit,MI while shooting with our sister brand to talk about everything Roxy!  Check out the in depth interview below and tell us your thoughts by commenting below.

MAJOUR MAG: Hi Roxy, were so happy to have you here in the BIG D lol.

ROXY: Thanks so much, I’m really looking forward to working with you guys as well as seeing what Detroit is all about. 

MAJOUR MAG: You are going to have a blast Detroit is amazing. I know you really busy so lets get right to it. You have this really cool vibe Roxy where are you from?

ROXY: Thanks so much. I’m from Los Angeles, California

MAJOUR MAG: Of course you are, we have to know what made you want to start blogging and modeling?

ROXY:I actually had no idea I was blogging when I first started! I was constantly getting compliments on my outfits and I was constantly getting asked where I was getting my clothes from, so I decided to just post them online for people to see. I got in modeling though Blogging. I had no idea that’s the direction it would take me but the more exposure i got the more brands wanted me to work with me.


MAJOUR MAG: So you kind of fell into it I see, this is a big deal question for so many people,how did you grow your following?

ROXY: Yes lol, but my following didn’t grow much in the first year, I believe it was because I wasn’t really being myself and I’m normally a very daring and expressive person. Once I let my guard down and became more confident in my style of clothing and more daring that’s when my following grew like crazy. 

MAJOUR MAG: What advice do you have for for the newbie blogger just starting out?

ROXY: Be consistent, be daring, try new things, figure out what are your strong points are and focus on that until you develop a different strong point and always stay working on your brand.

MAJOUR MAG: Since we are on the topic of fashion  and blogging, we would love to know what your take is on the fashion industry as a whole? Are you happy with the choices you have as a plus size women?

ROXY: I’m content with it, I feel like it has definitely improved from where it was like 2 years ago. We definitely have a long way to go, but I’m sure that it will evolve into more trendy/fashion forward plus size brands.

MAJOUR MAG: I agree the industry for sure has a long to go.  What are some of your favorite pro curve brands that are currently out right now Roxy?
ROXY: I have a couple! I really enjoy Rue107. They were the first plus size online boutique I came across when I first started blogging and I couldn’t believe the amazing prints they use and that they catered to plus size women!! I was in love!! Other brands would be Courtneynoelleinc, Jibrionline, Evansclothing, ASOS, Forever 21+, Nakimuli, Elvi, Z by Zevarra, Monif C and H&M just  to name a few. 
MAJOUR MAG: What would you like to see change in the plus size fashion world?
ROXY:  I wanna see more BRANDS!  WE NEED MORE! I want Plus Fashion Week to be even bigger than it is now! I want more billboards with plus size models displayed all over the world!! IT TIME!!

MAJOUR MAG: Ok now, Roxy lets talk boy’s girl, who’s your man crush of the moment singer,actor etc? and why?

ROXY: lol I’m sure all my followers know this by now because. I’m constantly posting picture of him and photo shopping myself in his pictures. It’s Matt Kemp! I’ve had the longest crush on him. I don’t ever get star struck but I think I would die if I ever had the chance to meet him lol I have a huge crush on him because hes seems to be an overall amazing guy. He’s involved in a lot of charity work, hes constantly donating to charities, and he randomly show ups to different little leagues around LA to show support. Hes also a mamma’s boy and I really like that about him, hes a Christian, and I love that hes a positive role model! He possesses all the qualities I look for in the men I date.


MAJOUR MAG: lol I’m sure a lot of women would agree.  Do you ever feel less confident around boys? If so why?

ROXY: No,that’s never been the case with me. I’m always myself, although when i really like a guy it does take me a tad bit longer to get comfortable being myself and that has only happened to me with the guy i fell in love with! 


MAJOUR MAG: When it comes to men, can you offer our followers any advice on how to be more confident around men?

ROXY: The advice I would give would be to just take it step by step. Expose who you really are to men little by little until eventually youll feel comfortable just being yourself. Also if the guy is good enough he should want to help bring out the best in you. 


MAJOUR MAG: Ok, Roxy  you speak a lot about weight loss and your personal journey , can you tell us a little bit about your personal journey with your weight?ROXY: I feel like I’ve had the worst journey with my weight. I’ve always been a big girl but I don’t think I ever realized I was until I started getting bullied in middle school and that was very hard. My only focus from the age of 13-19 was my weight. That’s it. Those years are so blurry to me now and I don’t remember much because all I did was obsessed about my weight and all of that let to depression and unhealthy eating habits. When I turned 19 I pretty much had no energy for anything and I couldn’t hide my ED so I finally decided to put an end to it and start living. It was extremely hard doing it all on my own but i managed to pull through. Ive never really had a relationship with either one of my parents so I couldn’t really count on them for help, reason why I stress this topic so much on my social media because I don’t ever want anyone to have to go through that alone. That’s why open lines of communication with my followers just in case someone needs to vent or ask for help. Having some kind of support system makes it a lot easier to overcome an unhealthy lifestyle.
MAJOUR MAG:  We saw an image of you on Instagram page. It showed how far you have come with your personal weight lose. How did you lose the weight?
ROXY: Diet and Exercise! people get so surprised when I say that, I guess because most people think there’s a magic pill that will help you lose weight. Once I kicked my bad eating habits I bought a calorie book! and read it almost everyday! I pretty much learned the calorie content of  all the foods listed. That made it easier for me to stick to my diet. I read lots of books on nutrition, and I bought a book that trainers use to study to become trainers from goodwill and taught myself about which workouts worked which muscles in my body. When I first started Iwas barely able to run for 5 min total, so every week id add 5 minutes and I would run everyday and then eventually I was able to run for an hour and a half with ease. I constantly pushed my body,and I went to the gym almost everyday! I had no social life, because I wanted no distractions and my hard work and dedication payed off.
MAJOUR MAG: What advice do you have for the plus size women that’s currently struggling with her weight?
ROXY: I think the biggest mistake women make when it comes to weight loss is that most women want to see fast results, and when that’s not obtained that’s when it all goes down hill. You should first appreciate the person that you are, and once you do that losing weight becomes a much more simple process, because you’re not putting so much pressure on yourself to lose weight. Also educate yourself on the process of losing weight. You wouldn’t take a test without studying and expect to get an A Right? Same thing with weight loss, figure out what foods are good for and why, figure what workouts are better for you and why etc. You also have to accept that losing weight becomes a lifestyle and its a long process, but if you stick to it, and are consistent, and determined you can definitely hit your healthy weight.
MAJOUR MAG: We have to ask , where do you see yourself in 5 years?
ROXY: I don’t really plan that far. I’ve done that before and it always ends up being nothing like what I had pictured for myself.  lol Im the type now to just take it day by day. In 5 years I definitely hope to be a mother and own a business, but I’m not sure ill definitely still be involved in fashion/entertainment industry.
MAJOUR MAG: Thanks so much Roxy for taking the time. We look forward to seeing you shine very bright in this industry. Everyone please follow Roxy on Instagram @rrrstyling as well as make sure you’re following  @Majour_Magazine and  @Shop_Majour  Love what Roxy is wearing? Check out today.

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