Lingerie by Oh La La Cheri

February 25, 2015

Oh my, is all we can say. This amazing and beyond sexy French brand has launched a plus label. I must say this is why one should never sleep on over seas brands. After reviewing many of the items via their website as well as  Voluptuous Boutique Online and French Lingerie Outlet . I was taken back by how fabulous the designs were. I am unsure about the over all fit of the collection as of right now. ” I have a few items coming in ” but based on reviews most items run true to size. Curves by Oh La La Cheri  has recognized that curvy women also enjoy playing dress up in the bed room!  Please be advised that the brand does not sell their collection online , but their are a few  retailers who carry’s the collection. Those retailers are listed above. Enjoy Majour gals and don’t be shy come back and comment below.  Let us know how items worked out, but please keep the bed room details private lol.

Curves by Oh La La Cheri

Curves-By-Oh-a-La-Cherie-7 Curves-By-Oh-a-La-Cherie-11

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