June 7, 2017

Last week, controversy struck when known mega fashion house Gucci released images of a new fur jacket they designed, which looked almost exactly like one legendary Harlem designer Dapper Dan created of Louis Vuitton more than 30 years ago. The jacket pretty much went viral over night after folks caught wind of it including Olympic sprinter Diane Dixon. She posted a meme on Instagram comparing the two looks. But to our excitement Now, it looks like a collaboration between Don and Gucci may be happening.  The luxury brand posted a pic of their design and credited Dapper Dan as the inspiration behind it calling it, in part, a “homage to Dapper Dan.”

                                                                              Dapper Dan design is on the left and Gucci is on the right! 

The Main stream fashion industry is known for stealing Black Culture Trends and almost never giving those who created them credit!  So shout out to Gucci, for giving Dap and his bold creativity credit! The New York Times profiled Dapper Dan (whose real name is Daniel Day). Dan confirmed that the two sides were at least talking about a collaboration. “We’re at the table,” he told the newspaper. Dan also detailed his early beginnings and why he got into fashion and a few industry insiders had lots to say about the role Dan played in fashion back in 80s!

                                                         Dapper Dan designed the track suite inspired looks as seen photographed above.

“ What Dap did was take what those major fashion labels were doing and made them better,” said the rapper Darold Ferguson, Jr., who goes by the stage name ASAP Ferg and whose father, Darold Sr., worked at the boutique in the ’80s. “He taught them how to use their designs in a much more effective way. Dap curated hip-hop culture.” “I think what Dap did, he actually taught an entire generation how to engage with luxury brands. Luxury brands, at that point, were not for us. They didn’t even have sizing for Black People. So every time I walk into Louis Vuitton to buy a pair of sneakers, or buy a pair of pants in my size, I know they’re only doing it because of Dapper Dan.” Read the full New York Times piece here.

                                           Salt & Pepper above rocking custom Dapper Dan leather jackets. Copy rights images below to copy right owner.



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